There are 8 questionnaires in total – instructions for filling out a questionnaire for the spouse visa


What is a spouse visa questionnaire?

A spouse visa questionnaire is a summary of information that is important for the issuance of a spouse visa.

The questionnaire contains information about how the couple got married, as well as each other’s family structure and employment.

When examining the spouse visa application, the information in the questionnaire is used to verify that there is a genuine marital relationship and that there are no problems with the issuance of a spouse visa.

There are eight questionnaires in total, each of which contains different sections and a different number of questions.

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #1

The first page of the questionnaire contains basic information about the applicant and the spouse.

  • Applicant’s nationality, name, gender
  • Japanese spouse’s name and nationality
  • Address/place of residence
  • Telephone number
  • Presence or absence of cohabitants other than the couple.
  • Brief description of residence (owned or rented)
  • Place of work

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #2

The second questionnaire asks for information about how the couple got married.

You may fill out the questionnaire as you wish, but in general, you should provide the following information.

  • Date the applicant arrived in Japan
  • Date on which the Japanese spouse traveled to the applicant’s country
  • Date on which the applicant was introduced to the Japanese spouse’s family
  • Date of the wedding or reception
  • Description of when the couple visited places of interest

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #3

On the third sheet, you need to provide information on the presence or absence of a marriage broker (marriage agency) and communication between the couple.

  • Basic information and contact information of the intermediary
  • Relationship between the intermediary and the applicant
  • The language used by the couple in daily conversation
  • Native language of each spouse

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #4

The fourth sheet of the questionnaire asks in detail about the couple’s communication as follows.

  • To what extent you understand each other’s native language
  • How the applicant learned Japanese
  • Method of communication if there is a language barrier
  • Contact information for the witness of the marriage

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #5

On the fifth sheet, describe your marriage and your story of how you came to Japan.

  • The date and place of the wedding/reception.
  • Marriage history (divorce history)
  • The number of times the applicant has entered Japan and the corresponding dates

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #6

Sheet 6 of the questionnaire asks for information about the Japanese spouse’s travel history and the applicant’s criminal record.

  • Travel history of the Japanese spouse to the foreign spouse’s country before marriage
  • Travel history after marriage
  • Whether the applicant has been deported or ordered to leave the country in the past
  • Details of any of the above

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #7

The seventh sheet contains basic information about the relatives of both spouses.

The main information to be provided here is the relatives’ name, degree of relationship, age, address, telephone number, etc.

Spouse Visa Questionnaire #8

The eighth sheet of the questionnaire is about whether there are children and to what extent the marriage is known.

Indicate the name of each child, whether it is the firstborn/second born/etc., date of birth, address, and to what extent the relatives know about the marriage.