Procedure After Approval of Naturalization

It takes about a year from the application to the approval of naturalization. And even after approval is granted, that is only the beginning of the naturalization process. There are procedures that must be followed even after the permit is issued, so some people wonder what happens after the permit is issued. This topic addresses the process and other procedures after the naturalization application is issued.

Procedures after the naturalization permit is issued

  • When the naturalization is approved, it is published in the Official Gazette

When naturalization is approved after review by the Legal Affairs Bureau, the name and address of the applicant are published in the Official Gazette.
The Official Gazette is a gazette published by the Japanese government that contains the promulgation of laws, government regulations, treaties, etc., as well as various public announcements based on laws and regulations.

The Official Gazette can now also be viewed on the Internet.

  • Contact from the Legal Affairs Bureau

Approximately two weeks after publication in the Official Gazette, the Office of Legal Affairs will notify you that your naturalization application has been approved.

  • The naturalized person receives the identity card

You will receive your naturalization card on the date specified by the Office of Legal Affairs. Make sure that the ID card does not contain any errors, for example, in the address of permanent residence and the name after naturalization.

Presentation of the naturalization card and the naturalization certificate

You must present the naturalization card and the naturalization certificate to the mayor of the municipality that has jurisdiction over the indicated permanent residence when you applied for the naturalization permit.

At this time, you must also return your alien registration certificate or residence card.

Notification of naturalization must be submitted at the municipal office within one month of the date of naturalization.

The following documents are required for the notification of naturalization.

  • Identity card of a naturalized person
  • Naturalization notification (if you have a Japanese spouse, signature and seal of the spouse)
  • Applicant’s seal (if you have a Japanese spouse, seal of the spouse)

Please note that the alien registration certificate or residence card must be returned to the municipal office of your address within 14 days.

Other procedures

  • Passport application

A family register is created in about 1-2 weeks after the submission of naturalization is submitted. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a copy of the family register.

Now you can apply for a Japanese passport.

  • Citizenship renunciation procedure

Dual citizenship is prohibited in Japan. If you have not renounced your original citizenship or use your home country’s passport, you may be prosecuted.

Therefore, you should initiate a procedure to renounce your citizenship as soon as possible.

  • Change of permanent address and name on your driver’s license

Make sure you have your permanent address and name changed as soon as possible at the nearest police station or driver’s license office.


After your naturalization application is approved, you will need to apply for an ID card and submit a notice of naturalization.

It is also advisable to apply for a passport, as the family register will be created in about 1-2 weeks after the naturalization notification.

As a last step, you should not forget to change the permanent address and the name in your driver’s license.