You need a certain income to get a spouse visa


In order to obtain a spouse visa, several requirements must be met, one of which is sufficient income.

If you apply without having sufficient income, you may not be granted a spouse visa.

This article is about the income requirement for a spouse visa.

Guidelines for applying for a spouse visa

A certain income is required to apply for a spousal visa, but there is no clear rule as to how much income is required.

As a rough estimate, a standard income (household income) of about 200,000 yen or more per month is considered necessary.

Since this is only a guideline, you may not meet the income requirements even if your monthly income exceeds 200,000 yen.

However, even if your income is less than 200,000 yen, you may still be eligible for a spouse visa based on several other considerations.

The income that matters for a spouse visa is the income of the entire household

The income that counts for a spouse visa is the household income, not the individual income of the alien applying for the visa.

Even if the individual income of the foreigner is low, the likelihood of obtaining a spouse visa is high if the income of the spouse (Japanese citizen) is sufficient.

Even if your income as a married couple is low, you may be able to obtain a spouse visa if you have sufficient income overall, for example, if you receive enough money from your family.

Why income is a requirement for a spouse visa

Why do you need a certain income to get a spouse visa?

The reason why income is required for a spouse visa is because it is important for the couple to be able to live independently in Japan.

If a couple who has obtained a spouse visa cannot support themselves, they will have to rely on public assistance such as welfare, which comes at an economic cost to the country.

In order to obtain a spousal visa, a certain income is required so that the country is not burdened by the issuance of the visa.

How to prove your income for a spouse visa

A tax certificate must be provided to prove the income required for a spousal visa.

This is a document that objectively proves how much your income was in the past year.

The income must be declared in order for it to appear on the tax certificate.

If you are a salary earner, e.g., an employee of a company, you do not have to declare it yourself, but if you are self-employed, make sure you do not forget to do it in time.