Grounds for Cancelation of Permanent Resident Visa other than Commission of a Crime

A permanent resident visa is a residency status that allows you to stay in Japan permanently, but only as long as you do not cause problems. For example, if you are punished for a crime, etc., your permanent resident visa will be revoked, but there are other less obvious reasons for cancelation. In this topic you will learn why the permanent residence visa can be canceled and what are the requirements for applying for a permanent residence visa.

Reason for cancelation of permanent residence visa

  • Incorrect information in the application

If it is determined that you have submitted a false or falsified permanent resident visa application, the visa will be canceled.

For example, if it is found that you have falsified your background, family composition, etc.

There are also cases when the names of the parents who are in the country illegally were not provided or the criminal record was not stated.

In some cases, the child’s parents were not married, although this was not mentioned in the application.

  • If you commit a crime and are sentenced to imprisonment or detention

If you commit a crime in Japan, you will be deported and your permanent residence visa will be canceled.
This applies if you commit a crime and are sentenced to imprisonment or detention. But even if you are sentenced to a suspended sentence, your permanent residence visa can be revoked.

  • Departure from Japan for more than one year using the special re-entry permit system

The special re-entry permit system applies to foreigners who hold a residence card and a valid passport in Japan and wish to re-enter Japan within one year (within two years for special permanent residents) from the date of departure.

If you wish to leave Japan with a special re-entry permit, you can simply check the “re-entry permit" column" on the ED re-entry/exit card.

  • Necessary procedures are neglected after the permit is issued

If you fail to report your stay, entry, or exit for more than 90 days after receiving permanent resident visa approval without good cause, the visa may be canceled.

Requirements for the issuance of a permanent residence visa

  • Good conduct Requirement

Leading an everyday life that is not socially criticized.
For example, no history of traffic violations or criminal record.

  • Independent livelihood requirement 

A stable livelihood with sufficient assets or skills to earn a living. The annual income is more than 3 million yen.

  • Accordance with national interest

The issuance of the visa is in accordance with the interests of Japan. Generally, you must have been a resident of Japan for more than 10 years, have fulfilled your public obligations, and have not been sentenced to a fine or imprisonment.


A permanent resident visa is revoked if you commit a false statement or forgery or commit a crime and are sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

In recent years, there have been more and more cases of foreigners who were granted permanent residence visas having their visas revoked. So make sure that you do not commit any of the above crimes.