Foreign permanent residents also must renew their residence card │ Pay attention to the expiration date


Even if you have permanent status of residence, you must renew your residence card every 7 years. If you forget to renew it, you may face severe penalties such as deportation.

Validity period of the permanent residence card

The validity period of the permanent residence card is 7 years from the date of issue if you are 16 or older, or until your 16th birthday if you are under 16 (Article 19-5, paragraph 1 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act). To continue your stay without any problems, you must complete the renewal procedure before the expiration of the validity period. 

Procedure for renewing your residence card (For permanent residents)

For each residence card, there is a specific time period in which you can apply, and the documents required for renewal. The permanent residence card is no exception. You need to carefully review the procedure and start preparing the documents in advance.

Period for renewal of the residence card

You can renew your residence card starting 2 months before the expiration date of your current card. The application period for permanent residents under 16 is longer and starts 6 months before their birthday.

Where to apply for the extension of the residence card?

The immigration office that has jurisdiction over the city in which you reside is responsible for processing your application to renew your residence card. They are usually only open on weekdays and may only accept new applications on certain days of the week and at certain times, so prior confirmation is required.

Required documents for renewal

All you need for renewal is (1) an application form, (2) a 4×3 photo that meets the standards, and (3) a passport that proves your immigration history.

Usually, the new residence card will be issued on the same day if you can provide all the required documents. However, if you receive the card at a later date, you must prepare at least three things: your reception slip, your current residence card, and your passport.

Renewal of the residence card for permanent residents

Sometimes the renewal of the residence card may not be accepted due to unexpected circumstances. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can I apply for renewal before the application period?

If circumstances such as travel make it difficult to renew your residence card during the application period, you may apply in advance if you provide the reasons. Contact your local immigration office once your schedule is determined.

What happens if the residence card expires?

Even if you are a permanent resident, if your residence card expires before you can renew it, you can be detained for a maximum of 1 year or fined a maximum of 200,000 yen (Article 71-2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act). In general, being just a little late should not affect your of stay in Japan, but you must apply for a visa renewal immediately if you find that your visa has expired.

Conclusion │ Even if you have a permanent residence, you should be cautious about procedures related to residency

Even if you have a permanent residence permit and can continue to live in Japan, you are still a foreigner. You must renew your residence permit in the same manner as work visa holders.

Once your initial application is approved, you should check the procedures that will be required in the future.