Naturalization interview and the questions you can expect


Two to three months after you apply for naturalization, you will have an interview with the official in charge. However, many people worry about various aspects of the interview, such as what to wear. Therefore, in this article, you will learn about the procedure of the naturalization interview, what clothes you should wear during the interview and what questions will be asked.

The procedure of the interview for naturalization application

  • After the preliminary consultation, the applicant can submit the naturalization application

After the preliminary consultation, you need to gather the documents required for the naturalization application and prepare them according to the instructions of the Legal Affairs Bureau.

If there are no problems with documents, etc., you can submit the naturalization application to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

  • An official will be assigned to the case and date will be set for the interview.

Once you have submitted the naturalization application, an official will be assigned to your case. Approximately three months after you submit your application, you will be asked to come in for an interview to set up an appointment.

You will be contacted via the cell phone number you provided in the naturalization application. In some cases, additional documents may be requested at the same time.

The date for the interview usually depends on the applicant’s availability, but it is desirable to schedule the appointment as early as possible.

Applicants older than 15 years of age must be interviewed during the naturalization process. Individuals younger than 15 years of age will not be interviewed.

If you hire an administrative scrivener for your naturalization application, you should know that they cannot attend the interview.

Cases in which the applicant is not invited for an interview

Not everyone who applies for naturalization is invited to an interview. Due to insufficient documentation or depending on the content of the application, the application may be rejected. For example, if the requirements for naturalization are not met or if problems with the applicant’s status are identified.

What to wear for the interview

There is no official dress code for the interview, and it is okay to wear something casual.

However, as a minimum etiquette requirement, make sure you do not wear anything too casual or revealing.

Also, you should bring your passport, residence permit, driver’s license, etc.

However, as a minimum etiquette requirement, be sure not to wear anything too casual or revealing to be on the safe side.

Expected interview questions

Although not clearly defined, the following questions are frequently asked:

  • About yourself
  • How you met your spouse
  • Divorce history
  • Job content, job change
  • Details about your move to Japan
  • Previous trips abroad
  • Family finances and future prospects
  • Tax payment status and pension
  • Previous law violations and criminal record


In addition to the application materials, the interview is also part of the review process for the naturalization application. It is advisable to review the documents before the interview to be better prepared for the questions.

During the interview, it is important to appear well-groomed and answer honestly.