[Important] Comprehensive explanation of the documents required for the extension of a spouse visa


A spouse visa has a fixed duration of stay. So, if you want to continue to stay in Japan, you need to renew your visa before it expires.

If the spouse visa expires without being extended, you will be considered an overstayer in Japan. Therefore, it is important that you extend it as soon as possible.

To extend your spouse visa, you will need to submit various documents such as an application form and your passport.

This article provides an overview of the documents required to extend a spouse visa.

Application form for spouse visa extension is required

To extend your spouse visa, you need to first prepare an application form and fill in the required information.

The official name of the application form you need to extend a spouse visa is “Application for Extension of Period of Stay".

The format of the application form is fixed and the application form for other procedures cannot be used.

The current application form has “Minister of Justice" printed in the upper left corner of the application form.

Please be sure to use the current form, as there is a possibility that the old version (with “Director of the Immigration Bureau" printed in the upper left corner) will not be accepted.

Photo is also required

If you wish to extend your spouse visa, you must provide a photograph of the applicant.

The photo should be 4 cm high and 3 cm wide. So, make sure that you prepare a photo in the specified size.

An old photo cannot be used as the photo must have been taken within 3 months from the date of application.

Once you have prepared the photo, write the applicant’s name on the back of the photo and attach it to the “Photo" section of the spouse visa renewal application.

Other documents required for spouse visa extension

In addition to an application form and a photograph, the following documents are usually required for the spouse visa extension:

  • Certificate of residence of the Japanese spouse (one listing all household members, only my number information can be omitted).
  • Copy of the Japanese spouse’s family register (one confirming marriage to the applicant)
  • Residence tax certificate of Japanese spouse; tax payment certificate (if Japanese spouse has income).
  • Letter of guarantee and personal seal (with the Japanese spouse as a guarantor).
  • Passport
  • Residence card (alien registration certificate can be used instead of the residence card)