What to consider when preparing the document for the extension of the spouse visa


Since the spouse visa has an expiration date for staying in Japan, it must be extended before the expiration date in order for the holder to continue to stay in Japan.

To extend your spouse visa, you must complete several items on the application form.

This article summarizes how to fill out the documents required for spouse visa extension and what to look for.

Document for the extension of the spouse visa has an official name and format

The name of the document required for an extension of the spouse visa is “Application for Extension of Period of Stay (hereinafter referred to as the application form)".

In order to extend your spouse visa, you must provide various necessary information such as your name and address before submitting the application form.

Since the format of the application form is fixed (“Appended Form 30-2"), it is not possible to create the application form yourself or use an application form for similar procedures as a substitute.

There is an old and a new version of the application form

There is an old version of the application form that was previously used and a new version that is currently in use.

You can easily distinguish the two forms because the old application form says “Director of the Immigration Bureau" in the upper left corner and the new application form says “Minister of Justice" in the upper left corner.

If you accidentally fill out the outdated version of the application form, it may not be accepted when you try to submit it. So be sure to use the new application form.

Nationality/Region of the applicant

In this field, indicate the nationality of the person extending the spouse visa.

The name of the country does not have to be the official name, and there is basically no problem if you enter the name that is commonly used.

For example, if you live in the United States, you can write “America”, and if you live in the People’s Republic of China, you can write “China”.

Desired period of stay

Here you can enter the desired period of stay.

The maximum period of stay for a spouse visa is 5 years. So, in principle, you can freely specify 5 years.

But even if the duration of stay is specified as 5 years, it is not uncommon that the allowed duration of stay is 1 or 3 years.

Reason for renewal

Use this field to indicate the reason for renewing your spouse’s visa.

Since this is a visa for the spouse of a Japanese citizen, it is best to indicate something similar to “To continue to live in Japan with my spouse".