Reasons for Denial of a Permanent Residence Visa and What to Consider when Reapplying

It is not always possible to obtain a permanent resident visa. This is because there is a lot to prepare and the application reviews are strict. Still, many do not know why their application was denied or how to get their application approved. This article explains the system and requirements for a permanent residence visa and the reasons for rejection.

What is a permanent resident visa?

It is a status of residence that allows foreigners to stay in Japan without changing their citizenship and without restrictions on the length of stay. They can work freely and without work restrictions.

Your residency status does not need to be renewed and you can gain social credibility.

Requirements for applying for a Permanent Resident Visa

  • Good conduct requirement

You lead a daily life free from social criticism

  • Independent livelihood requireent 

You have sufficient assets or skills to ensure a stable future.

  • Be in accordance with the national interest

It may be recognized that the issuance of a permanent visa is in accordance with the interests of Japan. Generally, you must have been a resident of Japan for more than 10 years, have fulfilled your public obligations, and have not been sentenced to a fine or imprisonment.

Grounds for denial of permanent resident visa

  • Insufficient or poorly prepared documents

If the application documents are incomplete or insufficient, the application will be denied. However, if you submit a new application after correcting the incomplete documents or collecting missing documents, there is a high chance that you will be approved.

It is not uncommon for the applicant to not know which documents are incomplete or missing.

In this case, it is a good idea to contact an administrative scrivener who specializes in processing visa application.

  • Annual income

If the annual income is not sufficient to live a stable life in the future, there is a good chance that the permit will not be granted.

The annual income should be about 3 million yen. In addition, foreigners with work visas must provide tax certificates for the last five years.

  • Time spent outside Japan

If you leave the country frequently, your application may not be approved. However, this depends on the reason you are leaving the country.

  • Criminal record/past offenses

If you have committed a serious traffic offense or have a criminal record, you will likely be denied entry. However, if 10 years have passed since the execution or remission of the sentence, the criminal record may not matter.

After an application has been denied

If you want to know the reason for the denial, you can only ask for the reason once. The applicant can confirm the reason directly with the regional immigration office responsible for the place of residence.

You cannot ask the reason over the phone. Since the regional immigration office is not required by law to explain the reasons for rejection, it is also not possible to find out all the reasons.


It is not always possible to obtain approval when you apply for a permanent residence visa. There is a high probability that approval will not be granted if the documentation is incomplete or insufficient, if your annual income is below a certain limit, or if you have a criminal record or have otherwise violated regulations in the past.

If you are denied, you can only ask for the reason once.