Review Criteria for Business Manager Visa

When a foreigner starts a company or manages a business in Japan, a " Business Manager Visa" is required. However, many do not know exactly how to obtain it. This topic is about the system and examination criteria for a business manager visa.

What is a business manager visa?

It is a visa for foreigners who want to establish a business, conduct trade or other business and manage companies in Japan.

Due to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, which took effect on April 1, 2015, the “Investor/Business Manager Visa" was changed to the “Business Manager Visa".

​​Taking over management/administration or establishing a new business in Japan through own investment and taking over management/administration is considered as investment in a Japanese business.

Specific examples of individuals involved in management/administration include the president, directors, auditors, general managers, and operations managers.

Review criteria for the business manager visa

For business owners

  • There must be a branch office in Japan to operate the business.
  • If the business has not yet started, a facility in Japan must be used as the place to operate the business.
  • The lease agreement states that the property is leased for “business purposes".
  • It must be an office that can be used for business purposes (not residential)
  • There is a nameplate and mailbox with the business or trade name.
  • There are two or more full-time employees. Two or more full-time employees must be Japanese nationals or foreign nationals with the residency status of permanent resident, spouse/child of a Japanese national, spouse/child of a permanent resident, or long-term resident.
  • The stated capital or total amount of investment is five million yen or more.
  • Five million yen or more is invested in the business and the business can be continued with this investment.
  • The company is properly managed, and its stability and continuity are confirmed.
  • Necessary procedures and reports to the tax office, etc. have been completed.
  • A well-written business plan 

For business managers

  • At least 3 years of business or management experience
    (Including time spent studying business or management in graduate school)
  • A salary equal to or higher than that of a Japanese citizen

Review period for the business manager visa

Although it depends on a case-by-case basis and timing, it generally takes about 3 months from application to receipt of results. It may take longer if additional documents are requested.


A business manager is a visa for establishing a company in Japan, managing commercial and other businesses, and performing managerial duties. The assessment criteria varies depending on the manager/business owner.

In most cases, it takes about 3 months from application to receipt of results.