W On what grounds can the extension of residence status be denied?


Reasons why the extension of residence status can be denied

The following are the main reasons why an application for an extension of residency status may not be approved.

  • The requirements for the extension of the residence status are not met.
  • Problems with the current residence status, e.g. illegal stay.
  • Violation of various laws and regulations, including the Immigration Control Act.
  • Insufficient information in the submitted documents.
  • There is a contradiction between the documents previously submitted and the documents submitted this time.

Cases in which the extension of residency status was denied

The following are examples of cases in which applications for residence permit extensions have been denied.

  • After graduating from a vocational school with “student" residency status to study at a Japanese-language educational institution, the applicant applied for a residency status extension because he wanted to repeat the same course at the same school.

    Although there were no problems with the applicant’s enrollment or residency status, the extension was denied on the grounds that there were no reasonable grounds for re-enrolling in the same course at the same school.
  • After entering Japan as a third-generation Japanese with “long-term resident" status, the applicant was allowed to extend his residency status for the first time and continue to reside in Japan. However, he was found guilty of theft and fraud.

    While he was on probation for the conviction, he applied to extend his residency status because he wanted to continue to stay in Japan.
  • When she entered the country (along with her husband) as the wife of a third-generation Japanese American, she was granted long-term resident status. She has since received two extensions of her residency status and has remained in the country.

    When she applied for a residence permit for the third time as the wife of a third-generation Japanese American, it was discovered that the address provided to immigration did not match the address on the withholding slip.

    The renewal was denied because she had submitted an incorrect application for renewal of her residency status, even though she resided at the address listed on the withholding slip.

If the application for renewal of your residency status is not approved

If your application is not approved, you have the following options.

  • File a new application after explaining the reason for non-renewal.
  • Change to another residency status instead of renewing your current one.
  • Leave the country once and reapply for a residence status upon entry.

Which option is best depends on the individual case. It is therefore advisable to consult a professional who is familiar with immigration issues, such as an administrative scrivener.